it’s all topsy turvy now

Funny how one thing can change and it feels like the world tilts on its axis a little, leaving everything a little off balance. The past 24 hours have thrown the rest of my summer break into a whirlwind. Yesterday, I had two weeks to fill with “activities,” now all of a sudden I have 4 days to accomplish the things I’ve been putting off ’til “later.”

Well later is here now. I whipped out the notebook to start writing everything down and organize my thoughts, but I can’t even put anything into action until Monday which is making everything more stressful! So here’s what happening:

I was planning on making a trip down to school to make move-in day more manageable.  I was planning on seeing friends I haven’t seen in months so we could spend some time together before the chaos of classes and work begins. Then I was going to come home for a few more days and my parents and I would drive the rest of my stuff down and move me in.

I’ve been wanting to go back to school for at LEAST a month now, and my dad decided last night that it made more sense for me to just stay in Marion once I get there. Finally I can return to a place where I have things to do! All of a sudden, my two weeks turned into one. And one has quickly turned in to just under 4 days.  Today is a wash because it’s Jessica’s farewell extravaganza, and tomorrow we drive to PA to move her into school.  Monday begins my last week in at home. Which means I have to seriously start on my to-do list.  I have to schedule my massage, a pedicure, bloodwork at the Dr. office, and pack my stuff into two piles: take now and leave with Mom and Dad ’til next week. On top of that, I’m babysitting, we have midweek church, and my mom wants to celebrate my departure on Thursday. Yikes!

Once I get to school, the list gets longer.  I’ve just complicated my life by offering to drop a class that got too full out of the kindness of my heart.  Now the dilemma is what to take instead. Some classes aren’t offered this semester, some are full, some need a line of prerequisites, some are at times I have other classes, and most I’m just not interested in.  Choosing classes is stressful enough to do once a semester, but now to try and pick a new class just mere weeks before school starts is just plain difficult.

In addition to this new wrinkle, I have the tasks I already needed to do before classes start.  Go to the bank, pay for classes, figure out if I need to take a test to get out of a Critical Reading class, update our health insurance at the health center, start reading a book for one of my classes, move stuff into my room and sort out where everything goes.

Most of this stuff is simple and could be accomplished in a matter of days, but the timeline just changed and threw everything off kilter. Super notebook to the rescue!! I’ve already got a page full of notes, and anticipate filling a few more pages in the next week or so.


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