the open door

I was just thinking back to my life 2 years ago when I had just graduated high school and was preparing for my college life.  I was full of questions and curiosities and wanted to know everything about the school I was attending and how I could make my transition easy.  So in my thoughtful state of mind, I checked this years incoming freshman class facebook page and was impressed by the group as a whole.  They are asking insightful questions. No one has started a ridiculous debate about something pointless. This is a good sign.

I love freshman in college.  I loved my freshman year, full of new experiences and challenges.  It challenged me especially to grow and become the person I wanted to be for the rest of my life.  New faces on the campus of Indiana Wesleyan excite me because they bring something new to the table.  Having been in college for two years now (which I still can’t wrap my mind around), I have a perspective that has been shaped by people I’ve experienced life with and the decisions I’ve chosen to make.  I love sharing my experiences with other people and encouraging them to make the most out of this brief time in their lives!

Only a month and a half left until I move back to the place I feel most at home.  School gives me goals to work toward, people to live in community with, a job I am passionate about, friends who love and support me, and a chance to learn about things I’m interested in. I’m going to make a prediction. This is going to be my best year of school so  far. There… I said it. Here’s why:

I’m living in a different dorm that gives more space and flexibility, with a group of girls who I know enough about to know it’s going to be fun.  I’m rooming with my best friend, and we’re living with some girls we met last year, and some girls we only met once. But the energy and connections we already have are bound to continue and improve as we live together this coming year.

For the first time, I’m taking no general education classes. Whew…what a relief that is. I am taking classes for my major and minor, and even though they are required, I have more motivation to do well in them because my future career depends on it. Every class I’m taking, I specifically chose to be in, which means I actually care about them.  The classes I don’t do well in are the humanities classes that we are forced to take, and I place them on a low priority because I honestly could care less about them.

I’m starting in a new position at the TV station that closely corresponds with what I want to do for a career.  As opposed to just being a more generic student worker, I’m going to be the community programming student producer, which means more work and more responsibilities. Scary? Yes. I’m completely freaked out because I feel like I have no clue what to do. But I’m hoping that there will be a generous learning curve and a lot of help from staff and (fingers crossed) other students. I’m really looking forward to this opportunity, no matter how nervous I am about completely failing.

It’s the beginning of the end. I’m on the downhill slide to the end of my life as a student. Only two more years until I have a degree that says I can “work in the real world field corresponding to my degree.” It scares me on a daily basis to be honest, but it also makes me incredibly excited about the future.  I could be doing things in a few years that I only dreamed about before.

When one door closes, another opens...” Alexander Graham Bell was the originator of that famous quote, but we tend to stop there. He continued, “...but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”  Doors in my life have closed; sometimes I do pay too much attention to the closed door than the open ones, but from now on, I’m going to be on the lookout for the open doors. Looking toward the future and forgetting the past (Phil. 3:13).


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